About us

          Larry Galsky opened his own Laboratory in 1968 after having spent four years in an apprentice-training program and worked as a private Technician in a fine Dental Practice.        

        He is a Certified Dental Technician and has earned credits for many hours of continuing education in all areas of technology. His strong belief for his staff as well as himself is to keep up with advances in new technologies and materials. He is a Certified Trainer of the PTC Verification 2000 Training System and maintains a continuing training program for his staff enabling them to advance their skills and potentials.
  Larry strongly believes that Dental Technicians must do their part to build pride and make contributions to the profession. He is active in both State and National offices in the respective Dental Laboratory Associations and is currently Chairman of the National Board for Certification of Technicians.

About The Laboratory

          We have been in business since 1968 and work with the profession in many areas of the country. We are not too small nor are we too large to properly and promptly serve your practice and your patients. Our extraordinary staff provides the profession with esthetic and anatomically correct and functional restorations.

Mission Statement

          Our mission is to achieve a level of recognition by the dental profession that we: